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Timer Buzzer 3.8 sec.

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The Timer Buzzer is an electromagnetic audio signalling device. Activated by a push button and after a specified time a brief buzz is emitted. As soon as the device returns to its original position it is ready for another activation.

The combination of hearing and vision = more accuracy

The Timer Buzzer is an optimization tool. It allows brushers to more accurately determine the stopping fix point of a stone. Consequently, it is possible for them to perform appropriate brushing to bring the stone to its destination.

The advantage of the Timer Buzzer is the reduction of the inaccuracies caused by the activation, the deactivation, the reading of displayed time and the resetting of a stopwatch.

The Timer Buzzer fits at the top end of the brush handle. It is then easy to activate and bring closer to the ear to hear the buzz.

The push button is protected in a cavity of the sleeve cap made of a resistant material.