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tige de lancement

Our new curling delivery stick adds to the competition and fun of this wonderful sport.

Connector and universal joint assembled.

The label at the back for a proper connection to the handle.

tige de lancement

Connector, universal joint and handle.

The universal joint and stud connects the handle to the connector that slips on the handle of the stone.

The light, cylindrical and extendable handle is provided with an adapted grip.

tige de lancement
  • The player according to his size will be able to adjust the ideal length of the delivery stick by resting it on the ground, and fixing the top of the handle at the height of his chin.
  • For vision and alignment, a gray or dark handle is more effective than a pale-coloured handle.
  • The pivot or universal joint ensures the central thrust and the rotational movement of the stone, playing the role of the wrist during a traditional throw with the hand.
  • The connector rests on the inner front of the stone handle and on the base of the stone.
  • The rotation of the stick on release determines the amount of stone rotation..



Delivery with the Techno Stick.