Innovations always have the purpose to provide better results with less effort.


A study of physical phenomena was conducted to:

  • Be aware of environmental conditions: ice, humidity, temperature, etc…;
  • determine how to preserve the best ice conditions throughout the game;
  • determine efficient sweeping on the required surface and also on the top  of the droplets which are not at the same height;
  • determine how to bring with better sweeping a levelling of the surface of the ice;
  • minimize the sweeping energy required to obtain effective results;
  • find less aggressive sweeping and to provide cleaner conditions for the ice.

Our research and development has led us to a new design of the curling brush.

Made of carbon fibre from a range of extremely resistant composites, it is very light. This is two essential qualities for the brush head. The shell is shaped to prevent flexion forces imposed by the pressure applied to it. This shell has a complete thermal and noise insulation.

The base guarantees good support for a flat rigid sole with a grooved pattern. The shell also allows a larger angulation of the broomstick because of its shape. This shape also allows the attachment of the connector.

It is generally recognized and accepted that a rectangular shape is best suited for a curling brush. Designed to brush at all angles the sole is 22 cm. in length by 8 cm. wide. With a quick back and forth movement and a range of 28 cm., the sole stays in the diameter length of the bearing crown of the stone.

This is just where it is needed to trap frost and dirt in the grooves without unnecessarily moving to a wider portion of the path.

Polymer elastomer has been carefully selected for the manufacture of a sustainable and effective sole.  This material combines the essential qualities of hardness, rigidity and resistance to abrasion and absorption.

The perfect amount of friction was achieved by choosing its hardness and its surface design in a pattern which causes thermal multi-shocks on the higher droplet heads. It is almost rectangular in shape to maximize friction. The sides are straighten to support the slide.  And it also traps dirt and frost in its rooves.

The connection of the broomstick to the head of the brush has a connector with the following features:

  • To receive, retain and protect the end of the handle ;
  • a universal  joint ;
  • a generator of friction in its articulation and between its convex end and the concave cavity in the shell ;
  • the transmission of pressure to the brush head.

A broomstick designed and well-balanced supports the characteristics of this carbon ultra-light brush/broomstick. Its surface provides, with or without the use of gloves, a solid grip considering the angle of brushing.

The lower end, which is inserted in a reinforced ring, allows shock absorption to protect the joints of the player.  Our new « Timer Buzzer » can be attached to it.

gaston gagné


With a career in engineering at Laval University and the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Gaston Gagné, who has retired, devotes his favorite sport to curling. Intervening with the ice technicians, he introduced a study on the optimal conditions to be achieved within the walls of his local curling club. Noting the importance of ice quality and cleanliness, the quality of equipment available and the physical abilities of curlers, he undertakes a detailed study of personal curling accessories in order to better adapt them to the particularities of this sport. This will lead to the design of unique and innovative curling products.

Pierrette and Roger Carlton, Stéphane Douville, Simon Delisle, Guy Boisclair, Marc Gelinas, Claude Landry and many members of clubs, family and friends have greatly contributed to the development of these innovations.